A Visual Language For Your Company

Design tells the story of your company to your customers and to the world at large. In an over-saturated marketplace, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the competition with a unique, captivating, and instantly recognisable brand.

Think of design as the visual means of communication between you and your customers. A means of communicating the spirit of your company and what makes it different.

We are a design agency specialising in the creation of compelling and dynamic corporate brand identities which can be deployed successfully on any platform or on any medium.

If you already have branding guidelines and need an experienced team to bring to life your website, your marketing brochures, your POS material, your sales collateral and your digital communications then look no further.

Tell us the message you want to send, where your audience will see it, and our designers will deliver it.

Welcome to Surefoot, the design agency branding specialists.

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Branding Design

From our perspective, branding is the most important and significant work you can ask us to carry out for your company – but why?

Branding is more than how you package your products and your services. Branding is the expression of something much bigger – the identity of your company and the values behind it.

And more so than ever, corporate values count. People want to do business with a company which behaves in a way they respect. Over 7 in 10 millennials now research a company’s values prior to placing an order with them.

For this design agency, logos are only one part of the visual tapestry which is corporate branding. Logos are hugely important though, since having a beautiful logo which works in any media ensures instant customer recognition. A great logo gives personality, depth, and authority to your corporate voice.

But it’s so much more than your logo. The fonts you select, the colours you choose, the positioning of each element – they all count too.

The values and confidence that your logos inspire into a consumers’ mind has a definite effect on their decision making process and if a company can’t get its own image right, how’s it going to get anything else right?

Your overall branding sets the tone for the ongoing, friendly, and trust-based relationship your clients enjoy with you. It captures the spirit and the passion of your company while highlighting the efficacy and the desirability of the solutions you offer to the market.

We want to take your company on a journey of brand discovery and expression. It’s work we love doing and it’s work that companies of all shapes and sizes have trusted to us over the last 20 years and more.

CLICK HERE to see examples of our Branding Design.

Brochure Design

What is a brochure there to do? It’s there to sell.

A great brochure convinces your audience of the quality of your products and services. It does so in an ordered, well-thought-out, reader-friendly, and attractive manner.

Great brochure designs are fully consistent with your brand, effortlessly elegant in their appearance, and easy and enjoyable both to read and appreciate. Great brochure design communicates your brand vision and the value in your products and services.

But what does great brochure design not do? A great brochure never competes for attention with the sales message.

Your brochure should not only provide your customers with the information they need to be excited about your company and its vision – it should get them excited about your products and services.

In all our brochure designs, we make them beautiful but we never forget why you have them published.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your printed and digital brochure design – please CLICK HERE for examples of our Brochure Design.

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Creative Mailer Design

A standard mailer gives your brand’s personality and the products and services you want to sell the room it needs to really shine.

A creative mailer goes one step further. A great creative mailer campaign is something out of the ordinary which will truly educate, captivate, and delight each recipient.

You could be a car rental company posting out miniature cardboard flatpack cars that the reader can build themselves. Or, how about an event company inviting customers to a tradeshow by sending them a balloon in a box?

Although the concept behind a creative mailer has to be exciting and stimulating, the design has to be accessible and reader-friendly.

There’s no point developing a creative marketing mailer which engages and captivates the customer but does not convert into a lead due to a lack of call to actions. All too often agencies without a sales focus produce mailers which do not produce a return on investment because they lose track of what it is meant to achieve – a sale. At Surefoot this is never the case

We create direct mailers to appeal to your customers’ senses and to their intellects. Everything we design is fully compliant with your brand guidelines too so that, as soon as they see it, they know that it’s you.

From design to production, contact us to find out more about our CREATIVE MAILER DESIGN service.

Direct Mail Design

Direct mail still has an impact in the digital age.

Compared to other forms of marketing, it’s measurable so you quickly learn which approaches work and which don’t.

It can often be a challenge to get people to open direct mail. Effective direct mail designs overcome these challenges by providing engaging and appealing content with a clean, brand-consistent design.

As soon as your recipient has opened your direct mailer, the next step is to retain their attention with the materials inside. To do this, you need a unique, elegant direct mail design which focuses recipients’ minds on the important sales message contained therein.

Visible at all times is a call-to-action so that recipient knows which step they need to take next.

Direct mail excels in delivering an evocative message to readers that emails and the many forms of digital marketing simply cannot replicate. It’s tangible, it’s emotional, and it has a real and personal impact on those who receive it.

CLICK HERE for more examples of our Direct Mail.

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Sales Collateral

Sales and marketing collateral – your company’s printed and digital promotional arsenal. This is the marketing firepower which engages customers and drive sales.

They make a prospect’s journey to becoming a customer as effortless and as natural as possible.

We design sales collateral for sales teams across a wide variety of formats – from printed materials such as brochures and product description sheets to digital content like websites and downloadable PDFs.

The best sales collateral is specifically developed and designed to be used at various points on a prospect’s journey to becoming a client. For example, effective brochures can successfully engage with a new customer and encourage them to get in touch with a sales representative.

The most effective sales collateral is consistent with your branding, it looks beautiful, but the star is always the sales message and the design must never outshine the message.

CLICK HERE for examples of our our Sales Collateral.

Advertising Design

Surefoot is an experienced advertising design studio whose staff work with clients from a wide variety of sectors producing adverts ranging from A5 flyers to billboards and everything in between. From high-octane consumer campaigns to information-driven SaaS campaigns, let our designs and our creativity showcase your products and services.

The advertising design inspiration behind every campaign we’re involved with is driven by what makes your product or service stand out from its competitors and the type of consumer or business decision maker you target.

All advertising design ideas must be focused around the key message of the campaign – that which you wish your prospective customers to know about your product or service more than anything else. With our designs, communicating that key message forms the core of our design work.

Talk to us about your forthcoming advertising campaign ideas, what you want to sell, and where audiences are going to see them.

We have a team of highly creative advertising graphic designers with the experience needed to deliver campaign designs to drive company growth, to reach new and existing markets, and to achieve the revenue goals you’ve set out for your campaign.

CLICK HERE for examples of our Advertising Design.


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Point of Sale Design

With Surefoot’s point of sale design service, we create eye-catching stands, display units, signage, and more to promote your product or services in-store. We design everything from 3D units to large format posters and banners.

POS is particularly important. POS showcases your products in prime retail positions – those places where a sale could take place immediately like in a store, a shopping centre, or a tradeshow.

If a shopper picks up a product in-store, they are more likely to buy it – this is our goal for our clients when we develop point of sale material design for their promotional campaigns.

The best point of sale design simultaneously promotes your product’s unique selling points. Great POS addresses consumer pain points and worries directly when they are in a purchasing frame of mind.

Surefoot’s point of sale designs include display stands, hanging signs, shelf edging, dummy packs, posters, and free-standing display units. We create bespoke graphics suitable for any POS purpose including lift takeovers and shopping centre installations.

Tell us what you’re selling, the types of outlets your products are sold in, and where they are located. Let’s start creating. 

CLICK HERE for examples of our Point of Sale design.

Packaging Design

The four crucial elements that all packaging design must successfully address are:

  • it must identify your product,
  • it must protect your product from the environment,
  • it must be easy for your customer to transport and store, and
  • it must strongly promote what’s inside.

Always brand-consistent, the most successful packaging designs are a strategic blend of text positioning, mood-capturing graphics, and evocative colour schemes.

Great packaging design adds value to your product and inspires the consumers you are targeting.

Never be afraid to be bold and take inspiration from the world around you. You are after all a consumer too. It’s a battle to achieve shelf space and then a war to grab the consumers attention when you have it. When seeking packaging design inspiration to engage and capture attention, it’s important to consider your competition. What can you be doing better?

The design of your packaging is your final sales pitch towards your potential consumer. What will make them pick yours over the others they see on the shelf?

CLICK HERE for examples of our Packaging Design.

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Our Design Agency Portfolio

We follow established design agency processes however we appreciate that, in many cases, a client prefers to work in their own way and you’ll find our approach flexible and adaptable. 


To get in touch with us, please call on 01628 604 324 or email info@surefoot.tv

We work with clients across the UK and we’re also able to provide a local service to companies in the Thames Valley area, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Slough, Maidenhead, Bracknell, Reading and Wokingham areas.